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Storing a radio preset

To store radio presets, follow these steps:

Lift up the media center door

one the remote, press tune up or tune down to select a desired radio station

on the media center control panel, press store. the display shows "store to preset" indicating the lowest available preset number. if you do not want to save to the preset number showing, press preset up or down on your remote to select a new preset number

press store again to save the preset. the display shows "station saved" including the preset number

Note: If you attempt to store more than 25 AM or 25 FM stations, the media center will display the message "ALL PRESETS FULL … … ERASE A PRESET."
To change an existing preset, you must erase the preset station and then store a new station to that preset number.

To erase a radio preset, follow these steps:

one the remote, use the numeric keypad or preset buttons to select a desired radio preset you want to erase

on the media center, press erase. the display shows "erase preset"

press erase again to delete the preset. the display shows "preset erased"

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